An audio show by Keith McNally
Episode 048

Fever In, Fever Out

A show about moving to Vancouver.


Some­thing Corpo­rate — Me And The Moon (instru­mental cover)
The Arcade Fire — The Suburbs
The Arcade Fire — The Suburbs (Chris­tian TV Remix)
After The Burial — Your Trou­bles Will Cease
Avenged Seven­fold — Bat Country
Mikaela Davis — I’m Just Tryin’ To Be Your Friend
Death From Above 1979 — Train­wreck 1979
Nada Surf — Let The Fight Do The Fighting
The Birthday Massacre — Diaries
Foxes vs. Kid Cudi — Home At Night
The Prodigy — Wild Fron­tier (Kill­sonik Remix)
General Patton vs The X-Ecutioners — Fire In The Hole
Gigamesh — All My Life
Beulah — Your Mother Loves You Son
The Good Life — Lovers Need Lawyers
Beulah — Gravity’s Bringing Us Down
Metric — Hand­shakes


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4 Responses

  • Dude, you wander all over tarna­tion and back in your podcasts. And it’s totally enjoy­able! MOAR MOAR

    In this podcast you touch on some­thing that seems to be intrin­si­cally Pacific North­west and BC… (we like to call it BCWA)… I was doing the dishes when you said the specific thing, but it was about the folks that let you couch surf at their place after a wonky apart­ment situ­a­tion in VAN when you first got there the first time, Stephanie and her friend were just open and cool and giving. THAT is some­thing really special to our region, and I’m super glad you’ve expe­ri­enced it instead of the other thing we’re known for, The Freeze.

    at 1:13:32 there a seagull in the back­ground noise — that just killed me, I’ve been living in the midlands of North Carolina for grad school, the squawk of seag­ulls takes me home.

    I appre­ciate your mean­der­ings. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I think yours is my favorite. Your just a dude being honest with your­self and with whomever is listening, Thank you.

    Keep on keepin on.

    • I’ve heard people talk about how diffi­cult it can be to meet people in Vancouver, and I’ve never found that to be the case. I think I do some­times offend people with my opin­ions about the weather, though. BC is my favorite part of Canada, hands down, but people from the west coast really don’t seem like Cana­dians to me. I’ll be hanging out in a t-shirt, and some guy in a huge winter coat will come in and say, “Can I close the door?” It’s kinda pathetic. Get some frost­bite, dude. Then you’ll be a true cana­dian.

      I know that opinion is total madness, but I think it’s like a cycle of abuse. The rest of us had to freeze to death — How dare these west coasters avoid that pain?

      But hey, I’m glad you like the show. I remem­bered Stephanie’s friend’s name — It was “Jay”. Sweet, sweet Jay.

  • Hey Keith, just a quick thank you note for the podcast 🙂 I started to listen to you since autumn 2014 and check occa­sion­ally if there is a new episode. I checked today and realise I’m 4 months late, but still happy nonethe­less to hear an update. The thing about work: it is true. I’m thinking about an exit strategy as well, but it’s a similar situ­a­tion as with your indian/German friend. Life is indeed quite the complex thing.

    From a train from Munich to Vienna, cheers and all the best!

    • Thank you very much! Sorry new episodes are so slow — I have a bunch of episodes that are half-finished, but the rest of my life keeps getting in the way. But keep checking in every half-year or so, and there might be some­thing new! Haha

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