An audio show by Keith McNally
Episode 034


Alison Bechdel, Billy Corgan and Kevin Smith talk about their parents.

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Alison Bechdel on Radio Times:

Billy Corgan speaks on depres­sion:

Kevin Smith’s segment appears in his Q&A film “Burn In Hell”.


Track List

  1. Smashing Pumpkins Lightning Strikes (Acoustic Demo)
  2. Smashing Pumpkins Obscured
  3. Hannah Georgas Elephant
  4. toringbearer Ugly (cover) Buy
  5. Smashing Pumpkins I'm Doing The Best I Can (live)
  6. Daniel Licht Epilogue
  7. Smashing Pumpkins Soma (Instrumental Mix)
  8. David Kitay Theme From Ghost World
  9. Smashing Pumpkins Lightning Strikes

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