An audio show by Keith McNally
Episode 028

The Life and Death of Scott Bromley

Scott Bromley, host of The Comedy Button, tells the story of dying on the oper­ating table.

Scott’s raw audio
For anyone who would prefer to hear the episode without music.

Get Well, Mr. Bromley
The post from Current.com that includes Justin’s videos of Scott.

The Gamespy Debrief­ings
Scott’s old podcast.

The Comedy Button
Scott’s new podcast.

XO 028 Outtakes
Some unused mate­rial from the episode.


Brad Sucks — Sick As A Dog (instru­mental)
Lovage — Sex (I’m A) (instru­mental)
Cinnamon Chasers — Luv Deluxe
Midnight Jugger­nauts — So Many Frequen­cies
Camille Del Rosario — Paparazzi
Nouvelle Vague — Dance With Me
Primal Scream — Five Years Ahead Of My Time
At The Drive-In — One Armed Scissor (instru­mental)
Steve St. Pierre — Cold In Love
Earli­mart — Sounds
Ruby For Lucy — Song For A Ghost
Nine Inch Nails — Leaving Hope
Loquat — Swingset Chain
The Lemon­heads — Hospital
Elliott Smith — Happi­ness (acoustic)
The String Tribute To Elliott Smith — Happi­ness


12 Responses

  • Thanks again for doing this for me, Keith. I also like how you managed to include a picture of Sam in this (older Sam, not boat girl).

  • Of all the moth­er­fuckers on the internet, I never thought it would be Scott Bromely making me cry. That was a truly incred­ible story, glad we finally got to hear the whole thing.

  • Amzing story. As fan of the comedy button and as a fan of human life in general, this pleased me. Also, who would’ve thought that Scott Bromley was a human being this whole time?

  • Damn Scott, never knew you went through all that. Thanks for sharing your story. Glad you’re still here to make us all laugh! 🙂

  • Been a fan of both of you for some time all the way from Brazil, thank you for sharing this wonderful story and editing it so well, amazing stuff.

  • such a great story. what became of the shitty doctor that busted Scott’s spleen? Also, amazing track list. I’m currently trying to track them all down now. Thanks from Australia.

  • Beau­tiful story, beau­ti­fully edited. Awesome job, Keith — this is one you should shop around to public radio. Have you consid­ered joining PRX?

  • I’m a massive fan of the Comedy Button. I decided to email the show with a ques­tion whilst I was in hospital for my third brain op (not knowing anythin about this story) and Scott person­ally directed to this podcast. Scott, you are truly inspi­ra­tional. And I know exactly what you mean about the catheter thing!

  • Scott i have to say i never thought you would be a source of inspi­ra­tion for me. I’ve been going through a rough time in my life lately and your advice at the end of your story really had an impact on me thank you for telling your story.

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