An audio show by Keith McNally
Episode 009


An adaptation of Photopia by Adam Cadre.

Photopia won first place in the 1998 Interactive Fiction Competition.

Photopia can be downloaded from Adam Cadre’s site at AdamCadre.ac

In episode 27 of SlugisDoug, Doug talks about his reaction to Photopia.


Ambient music for Red, Sea-Blue, Gold, Sky-Blue and Green by Paul Collier.

Intro & Sky-Blue:
Earlimart – First Instant, Last Report

Frat Boy Radio Song:
Sadie Hawkins – Bad Subjects

Sunday Night:
Earlimart – A Bell And A Whistle
Earlimart – Sounds

Nine Inch Nails – Leaving Hope

All background sounds from The Freesound Project.

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  • It took a while for me to see where things were going (where the hell is this thing going?), then wham. What a beautiful, sad, sad story.

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