An audio show by Keith McNally
Episode 009


An adap­ta­tion of Photopia by Adam Cadre.

Photopia won first place in the 1998 Inter­ac­tive Fiction Compe­ti­tion.

Photopia can be down­loaded from Adam Cadre’s site at AdamCadre.ac

In episode 27 of Slugis­Doug, Doug talks about his reac­tion to Photopia.


Ambient music for Red, Sea-Blue, Gold, Sky-Blue and Green by Paul Collier.

Intro & Sky-Blue:
Earli­mart — First Instant, Last Report

Frat Boy Radio Song:
Sadie Hawkins — Bad Subjects

Sunday Night:
Earli­mart — A Bell And A Whistle
Earli­mart — Sounds

Nine Inch Nails — Leaving Hope

All back­ground sounds from The Freesound Project.


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  • It took a while for me to see where things were going (where the hell is this thing going?), then wham. What a beau­tiful, sad, sad story.

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