Squidpod Joel

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Joel is also an immigrant to Toronto. And a rapist. Allegedly. Since moving to Toronto, Joel has married a beautiful woman, with whom he’s had an adorable baby, and helped start the world’s best podcast. The moral of the story: If you want to be awesome like Joel, move to Toronto. If you just wanna be rapey, stay in Calgary.


Another alleged rapist. Or convicted rapist, if you ask Monjo. What else can be said about him? Oh yeah, he’s a genocidal maniac, sexual deviant, social media socialite, digital design guru, and general asshole. Allegedly. He’s probably out double-teaming some chick with his monster hammerhead cock.

Same-Story Keith

Keith McNally, of Keith and the Girl fame (no, not THAT Keith) is an immigrant to Toronto (all the way from New Brunswick!) and the mastermind behind The Vinyl Countdown. Allow me to recant the tale for you: One brisk Tuesday night in November, we were all gathered at The Imperial Pub and Library for Scarborough Dude’s Podcaster LIVE! night. Then Keith, being struck by divine inspi­ration (or lots of beer, one or the other), proclaimed “fuck it, you assholes wanna do a podcast?”

Monjo Mike

Monjo the Magnificent, possibly the only member of our fine podcast who hasn’t raped anyone. This might be due to the fact that he thinks breathing on a woman while she’s asleep is considered rape. He and Robocop Craig met around the Y2K scare, and immedi­ately bonded by stealing mass amounts of money from the banks, under the guise of a “computer bug.” They moved in together 4 years later, had a family, ate the family, and then joined a podcast together. And he’s gotta have his mustard.

Robocop Craig

Craig is here, he’s queer, get used to it. Craig was born in Porathe City, the southern province of Algeria. His proud parents were from Darova, the northern province. They married illegally against the orders of the state. But they did not let the powers that be get in the way of their love. So they fled to Porathe City where they lived for several years on the streets in the slums until his father, Tapstick, got his first break as a “gaffer” on the set of AlgeriaLive, a musical program very popular among the lower class in the Country. It was just in time too, because his mother, Pintdorak, just discovered she was pregnant and would need the $18 per week that Tapstick would bring home. Nine months later a boy was born. With a heart of gold and the soul of an angel, Pintdorak knew in that moment that his name would be Craig.

Craig’s childhood was filled with strife as the rebellion invaded his hometown and murdered his own family in front of him. He stood shaking in a closet trying not to cry in fear the rebels would hear his teadrop hit the cupboard floor. While this was very trauma­tizing for Craig, it did begin to give him his first taste of human flesh. As he emerged from the cupboard he looked at his parents in a bloody pile on the floor. He didn’t hesitate, he didn’t even think, he just lunged his hands into the lifeless carcass and began tearing off large chunks of flesh.

Craig spent the next decade in and out of mental insti­tu­tions until his 1997 escape where he wandered for weeks through the marshland, until the Dickholes, a large gang of homosexual bikers, discovered him. They took him in, clothed him, and shared with him that special love that only bikers can give. By 2004 Craig was the leader of that gang, and he’d eaten every member, and every member of rival families. The gang war was over, and the world had Craig’s canni­balism to thank.

He will forever be remem­bered as a friend, a warrior, and my personal hero.

And now he’s part of a sweet podcast, so listen to it, cocksucker.

–Craig’s note: The person whom I asked to write my bio was high. I’ll let you figure out who that was.

Robofuck Brad

Whether it be the impending collapse of society or his broken bread maker, no one can derail comedy as well as Brad. He’s not here to make a podcast, he’s just here to have a conver­sation, and conversation’s aren’t always funny, dammit! Can’t we just act normal? Can’t we act like people? No one talks about rape and shit eating this much! It’s not natural! Is what Brad is probably thinking.