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Another alleged rapist. Or convicted rapist, if you ask Monjo. What else can be said about him? Oh yeah, he’s a genocidal maniac, sexual deviant, social media socialite, digital design guru, and general asshole. Allegedly. He’s probably out double-teaming some chick with his monster hammerhead cock

159 Episodes
Oct 17 2011

112: Hornet Attack

The original gang unites under the precious October sun, perhaps for the last time before a chilling Canadian winter sets in. Though none say it outright, everyone's thoughts rest squarely and almost incessantly on Keith's balls.

May 28 2011

074: Too Pretty

More with Andrea at the very loud Bank Note. Pretend this is a podcast being sent back in time from the future, so the transmission is shaky.

Oct 29 2010

002.5: Bitch Cake

An after hours show recorded after episode 002, minus a couple cast members. Stalking, masturbation, video games... all the traditional topics for a relaxed evening of discourse.