Mustard Mike

Monjo the Magnificent, possibly the only member of our fine podcast who hasn’t raped anyone. This might be due to the fact that he thinks breathing on a woman while she’s asleep is considered rape. He and Robocop Craig met around the Y2K scare, and immedi­ately bonded by stealing mass amounts of money from the banks, under the guise of a “computer bug.” They moved in together 4 years later, had a family, ate the family, and then joined a podcast together. And he’s gotta have his mustard.

173 Episodes
Feb 25 2013

180: The Confrontation Station

The recorder picked up some weird sounds. Assume that they are messages sent by aliens, and that those aliens are telling you that you're gay. Or, if you're already gay, that you're straight. They're sending you a curveball, is my point.

Oct 17 2011

112: Hornet Attack

The original gang unites under the precious October sun, perhaps for the last time before a chilling Canadian winter sets in. Though none say it outright, everyone's thoughts rest squarely and almost incessantly on Keith's balls.

May 28 2011

074: Too Pretty

More with Andrea at the very loud Bank Note. Pretend this is a podcast being sent back in time from the future, so the transmission is shaky.

Oct 29 2010

002.5: Bitch Cake

An after hours show recorded after episode 002, minus a couple cast members. Stalking, masturbation, video games... all the traditional topics for a relaxed evening of discourse.