VC Movie Club — Freddy Got Fingered

Vinyl Countdown rides again! Welcome to the VC Movie Club!! YEEHAW!!!

  • MigrantWorker

    Hey guys,

    Great to see you all back in the fold and love the format. I’m sort of curious if watching any film multiple times in a short space of time will result in seeing layers that were never obvious the first time around.

    It doesn’t make me want to watch that particular film ever again but experi­encing the basic plotlines of the film via collective drunken nonsense is a pretty good alter­native.

    I’m sure you already have a solid list of films to watch for future episodes but I’ll suggest a few anyways just in case you’re short of ideas:


    Sex lives of the potato men
    Pretty in Pink/16 Candles
    The black hole
    The warriors
    Tango and Cash

    As a wildcard I’d also suggest an indie film called Primer. It’s probably a little serious in content but it’s very short (about 75 minutes) and has a last 20 minutes so brain meltingly compli­cated that you’d probably need to watch it 3 times just to grasp it. I’ve seen it about 10 times and every time I watch it after not seeing it for a while, I’m still a little thrown by the end.

    It’s probably not appro­priate for a comedy podcast but it’s cool anyway.

  • Jessie

    Looking forward to hearing Joel and Picard dissect a Star Trek Film. I guess the rest of you are welcome to your opinions as well.

    • I’m afraid I hit a point where Picard stopped seeming funny to me, so if you don’t hear from him on this show, that’s my bad. Burning bridges, baby! That’s what I do! But I’ll tell you what: If I can get Patrick Stewart to be on the podcast, I will big time do that.

      • Cole

        Didn’t expect you to be into deleting comments. I guess when it’s that damning it’s hard not too.

        • Dude, all you do is insult me. I’m trying my best, and have gone out of my way to have a dialogue with you in particular. There’s no magical internet rule that says you get to treat me like shit just because I make a podcast. I’m tired of your insults, and if that bothers you, I suggest you develop a better way to talk to people. Hugs and kisses.

          • Cole

            Honestly, as much as I am enjoying this train wreck you’ve created, you need to get profes­sional psycho­logical help. If not for yourself, at least for the people around you.

          • I know it’s hard, but you should try to think of people on the internet as real
            people. We’re not toys for you to play around with. The things you say
            have an effect. I don’t want to wake up and immedi­ately feel bad about myself because of something hurtful that you wrote. I feel bad whenever I see your name, and I have no idea why you think this is an appro­priate way to behave.

            When we were discussing things on the Ham Radio site, that was one thing. But now your comments are following me around, and have become patently negative. I try to talk about myself freely online so that I can commis­erate with people, and get constructive, helpful advice from them. I’m not here to make enemies, or to be a dart board for whatever is bothering you personally. If you feel so negatively about me, I would frankly prefer it if you left. I don’t need you to listen to my podcasts.

            But if you insist on hanging around, then let’s get into it. Who hurt you, girl? Let’s dish. Where is all this anger coming from? Clearly my recent life has struck a nerve with you. I’ve got some time before the doctors get here to straight-jacket me up, so tell me every little thing.