The 10th Dimension — Space Space

The new show from Mustard Mike and Squidpod Joel!

Mike was hanging out with Joel at the inter-dimen­sional McDonalds. They were enjoying their meals when a man approached them. They didn’t recognize him, but he seemed to know who they were. He said he came from the 10th dimension, and he didn’t like how they’d been badmouthing his home dimension. Apparently their negativity is causing a rip in the dimen­sional fabric, and if it continues, there could be dire conse­quences for both dimen­sions. They need to bring positivity and harmony between the dimen­sions before it’s too late. He gave them some recordings to show what life in the 10th dimension is really like. He wants them to use their influence for good, to share the lives of these average 10th dimen­sioners. These are their stories.