Ladies vs Gentlemen — Round 1

McNally & Picard102 vs Lauren O'Nizzle & Casie Stewart. Men vs Women... FIGHT!

Show Notes

  1. 3:00
    Laura Secord get's raped by Indians. FACT. But the establishment hides the truth. Plus racism.
  2. 7:30
    You'd rather be born a man, right?
  3. 9:30
    Lauren is a robot, hates feelings.
  4. 16:00
    Lauren sees a man drop a chicken. You had to be there.
  5. 18:00
    Media Literacy and being funny. We get deep into why people are funny.
  6. 19:00
    Planking and Chubbing, that's right CHUBBING! Invented here!
  7. 22:00
    The Central wont close the fucking doors! I was freezing my balls off!
  8. 24:00
    First Porn: The Beginning
  9. 29:00
    Rule 34
  10. 39:00
    You're not a nerd unless you have asthma attacks DAILY!
  11. 40:00
    Weird sexual fetish segment. For example, fucking your own mother.
  12. 48:00
    Picard tries to get our guests used panties. For him too.
  13. 50:00
    Casie likes to step on balls. Picard is probably so hard right now.
  14. 54:00
    What do your vaginas look like segment. Leads into cat penises. Bet you didn't see that coming.
  15. 60:00
    Rape: It's likely your fault.
  16. 62:00
    We get into sounding, again.
  17. 67:00
    Don't buy warming lube unless you're a fridged bitch.

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  2. Gym Class Heroes Martyrial Girl$ Papercut Chronicles II Buy