The Erection Connection

The best episode since 104.


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Show Notes

  1. 3:30
    Sex with Lex
  2. 4:00
    What were you wearing when you first had sex?
  3. 11:00
    Several drinks after episode 103
  4. 16:00
    Joel, the greatest wingman of all time across multiple universes
  5. 18:30
    Secret Admierer
  6. 23:30
    Hot Dog Segment
  7. 25:30
    A diffrent perspectives on asses
  8. 32:00
    Taste Test Gum
  9. 34:00
    WTF Japan
  10. 38:00
    Two old men try to understand technology
  11. 41:00
    Foursquare is dead, despite growing 3,400% last year, 10 million users & 500k merchants. You heard it here first.
  12. 45:00
    Krispy Kream Burger (Spoiler Alert: it's not good)
  13. 49:00
    FINALY the Farm Molestation story!
  14. 1:02:00
    A letter from the Gunner. I thought he was dead.

Track List

  1. Artist Title Album
  2. SNFU Drunk On A Bike The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed Buy
  • Fun fact: The “I have a bad case of diarrhea” learning English song is teaching you what to say when you’re about to get raped by the big white dick. Not even kidding. Its all from a show called “Zuiikin’ English” where they would teach Japanese people retarded (derp) things to say in crisis situa­tions. Some of my favorites are “Spare me my life” and “I can’t stand the sight of you”.