The Erection Connection

The best episode since 104.


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Show Notes

  1. 3:30
    Sex with Lex
  2. 4:00
    What were you wearing when you first had sex?
  3. 11:00
    Several drinks after episode 103
  4. 16:00
    Joel, the greatest wingman of all time across multiple universes
  5. 18:30
    Secret Admierer
  6. 23:30
    Hot Dog Segment
  7. 25:30
    A diffrent perspectives on asses
  8. 32:00
    Taste Test Gum
  9. 34:00
    WTF Japan
  10. 38:00
    Two old men try to understand technology
  11. 41:00
    Foursquare is dead, despite growing 3,400% last year, 10 million users & 500k merchants. You heard it here first.
  12. 45:00
    Krispy Kream Burger (Spoiler Alert: it's not good)
  13. 49:00
    FINALY the Farm Molestation story!
  14. 1:02:00
    A letter from the Gunner. I thought he was dead.

Track List

  1. Artist Title Album
  2. SNFU Drunk On A Bike The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed Buy
  • Fun fact: The “I have a bad case of diarrhea” learning English song is teaching you what to say when you’re about to get raped by the big white dick. Not even kidding. Its all from a show called “Zuiikin’ English” where they would teach Japanese people retarded (derp) things to say in crisis situations. Some of my favorites are “Spare me my life” and “I can’t stand the sight of you”.